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One step closer
Friday I finally got a chance to see my regular doctor about these migraines and headaches that have plagued me for a month. She has scheduled an appointment with a specialist, the eye doctor and eventually, if needed, an MRI. While we wait for those things to happen she has also put me on a migraine trigger diet. These takes the most common trigger foods out of my diet and then in two weeks we add them back in one by one. the foods on my no eat list are -

nuts and peanuts
ALL dairy
ALL meats
citrus fruits
and of course alcohol and caffeine

What you are looking at is pretty much my entire diet. So now all i have to do is hit the grocery store and buy anything I would not usually eat. lol.

It will be interesting to see if this has any effect on things. At least we are doing something which is helpful.

He had it coming...
He only had himself to blame.

That's it. I'm giving up on FB as preferred social media platform and coming back here.

Also- spent the weekend looking for a place to house some notes in a way that is clear and well organized. like with tags...and where I could type to save my hands and with privacy settings...and *looks around at FB* oh..heh..nvmnd.

Lughnasadh 2014
The Wheel turns and the first harvest is now it. It's the beginning of looking back and working on reaping what we have sown. Both in the physical world and other.

It saddened me to hear that someone had been up to the SunWheel and felt the need to deface bits of it. Part of me thinks that the anger from the last time we were up there left a lasting impression that worked itself out this way. Should have gone back to clean the stones but hindsight is 20/20 as they say.

Anyway..off to the reading we go!

East-Crane (C)- Focus without distraction. Find your way thru the Otherworld. Study arcane knowledge including Ogham.

South-Dragonfly (NA)(R) You are caught in the illusion that what someone else wants you to be matters. Look within yourself for the power you need.

West-Hawk (C)- Take stock of where you are and where you are going. Take a moment each day to look at life from a distance. Once you do , enter refreshed into forward momentum

North-Wren (C)(R) Cleverness and building on the work of others requires honest skill to be of use. Be humble but don't fade into the background

Center-Elk (NA)(R) You maybe be stretching yourself to a place where you will create illness to take a break Stop and rest when needed. Reconnect with those on the opposite side of the Wheel to recharge.

A slice of Pi and other snacks
PiCon starts today! It's been a while since I have been to a con but the time away did my head some good I think. Feeling more recharged. Looking forward to seeing old con friends and making new ones.

My son also gets married this weekend. He and his boyfriend have been together for around 11 years now so it's about damn time. I will be a proud mom, you can count on that. The boys are their own special brand of weird but it's a good weird. :)

I have been sitting here for an hour thinking about what I wanted to write and I realize that I don't want to write an update of my life for you. It's not you, it's me. This online socializing is taking the place of real life hanging out, posts are devoid of any real content and I would rather see your face in front of me.

You want to know how I am doing? come visit. call. write me a letter.

and I will try and do the same.

peace out kids!

Life, it's what's for dinner
A little less sick today but still coughing. My ribs are in a permanent state of soreness now. *sigh*

THings in the yard are coming together bit by bit. Flowers here, fruit trees there. I cannot even tell you how happy it makes me to see it all. Now it's time to turn my attention to creating a sacred space.

Being sick meant spending more time on the computer than I had been in the past. As I get better I need to break that habit. Too much time just sitting here when there is work to be done.

OK, time to go sleep upstairs instead of on the couch.

Gliddy gloop gloopy Nibby nobby nooby

I hate being sick.

I know..I know.. no one likes it.

There is nothing more frustrating to me than not having all the control over my body that I am used to. As of today I have been sick for a whole week. the level of frustration this causes cannot be described.

In other news my apple trees came in yesterday and Pinky put them in the ground for me while I did my best Camille imitation. He is a good egg that one. Two compatible heirloom varieties. Super, super excited to have these fruit in about 4 years. Until then we will practice our cooking/preserving/juicing skills on fruit bought at the local farm stands.

Rumor has it that Sunday/Monday will be pretty warm. Pinky and I will be starting our first mash of the season then. White dog here we come!

More later, now that my head is empty of snot it's time to fall over. Gah...

Sometimes 8th time is a charm
No huge wall of text on this post. It's more of a PSA

Starting the Monday after Beltane I am scaling back all of the things I do that are not mission critical. Specifically -work is the only thing that is mission critical. From Beltane to Solstice if it is not work then I am not doing it.

If you want to see me you will need to come here. You'll find me in the gardens.

Samhain '13
ANother turn of the wheel and away we go! Let's see how life will go from now till Yule.

East - Fox (C)(R)- Now is the time to lie low and develop your skills of mediation and diplomacy. Discover the Wildwoman side of you that is in touch with nature.

South - Owl (C)(R)- Owl can signal a time of change, initiation or new beginnings. Do not become too removed from the world in your quest.

West - Hummingbird (NA)(R)- See the beauty all around you and reopen your heart which has been closed from hurt from another.

North - Turkey (NA)- You are being given a gift! A sunset, a smile from a friend or enlightenment. Enjoy!

Center - SKunk (NA) - You're leaking all over the place! Spraying energy without knowing it. The key to getting this under control is self-respect.

Wow... well this is interesting. I am going to have to think about this for a bit.

Mabon 13
Another turning of the Wheel and another celebration. Even though dawn wasn't visible this morning I knew when it was suppose to come up so dawn rites went off as smoothly as I could make them. Let's see what the cards have to say for the next part of the cycle shall we?

East- Sow (C) Open yourself to the nourishment of the Goddess. She is in all things if you pay attention. Do not over think this connection. Just BE.

South- Wolf (C)R It's time to come to a better relationship with your sense of aloneness in the world. There will be a time for companionship and a time to be solitary. Recognize those times and come to terms with them.

West- Bull (C)R Ask yourself how motivated you are to do things? There is nothing more stubborn than a bull who doesn't want to move. Not moving is telling you something.

North- Horse (C) REconnect with the earth. Open yourself to the sun and the sky and embrace the joy of simply being in touch with all living things.

Center- Raven (C)R You must come to terms with destruction. Endings are important so that beginnings may occur. You must also come to terms with the darkness inside you. Only in accepting it can you overcome it and make yourself whole.

Now there is some pretty interesting mojo happening. Looks like the dark time of the year begins with some serious inner working.

Today is your birthday
well ok, not yours but Happy Birthday any way.

For those of you who missed the FB post- Jaimey is asking that we have fire and drinks this Friday night in celebration of his natal day.

Bring something to drink and a chair. :)

See you at 630ish